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Tehmetall2002 is the Russian leading company that produces vanadium catalysts for sulfurous gas oxidation. The quality of our catalysts is thoroughly tested and has the highest ratings done by the consumers as well as the leading experts in the catalysis field.

Since 1942, extensive Research and Development work has been made in production, technologies, engineering of different catalyst modifications and dimension types to suit particular consumer requirements and to improve efficiency of the process and environment conditions. Tehmetall2002 has enormous work experience - 70 years - both on Russian and International markets and continues to develop the successful history of the company.

Tehmetall-2002 manufactures vanadium catalysts using diatomite as a natural carrier. Diatomite, sourced from a world-renowned company IMERYS Filtration Minerals (World Minerals), has qualitative characteristics which are specially engineered for the oxidation of sulphur dioxide in the production of sulphuric acid. It also offers a wide range of brands and modifications of the highest quality.

Tehmetall-2002 maintains close relations with its customers by providing high quality technical support. Our catalyst experts may assist with calculating catalyst loading and converter performance as well as evaluating technical conditions of sulphuric acid systems and monitoring catalyst performance to ensure that the ultimate catalyst and converter potential is achieved.

We cooperate with such key scientific institutes in Russia as The Research Institute for Mineral Fertilizers (NIUIF), D. Mendeleyev University of Chemical Technology and National Research University (St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University). The institutes provide us with scientific and technical assistance of catalyst production technologies.

Our company products are supplied to more than 60 first-rate plants, both Russian and international, including companies in Belarus, the Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Korea, Azerbaijan, and India.


New high technology catalysts

SVD ( -D, ) SP - SuperCesium promoted

It is optimized to usein the last bed of a converter; maximum conversion is achieved. The SO 2 emissions (double absorption SAP) are reduced down to 50 ppm.

I A-1-6 SVP - Super vanadium pentoxide

The catalyst operates in low temperature. It is intended for the substitution of basic cesium promoted catalysts.

Resistance to catalyst poison

The catalyst does not demonstrate high adsorptive ability in harsh environment of the first bed (catalyst poison, sulfuric acid fog, moisture, high contentof metal sublimate), so no reactivity has been observed.

Operating Characteristics

Resistant to high and low temperature deactivation, stemming from the active component composition and high-test diatomite frame. The catalyst exhibits high tolerance to varying loads, may withstand long and frequent shutdowns of the catalytic reactors. Provided that the operating regulations are followed, the catalyst withstands shutdowns and temperature reduction to the point when sulphuric acid starts condensing. It ensures performance stability. No special care and attention is required when the catalyst operates in the harsh converter environment.

Grain Form

Geometrically optimized daisy ring with increased surface area which enables pressure drop reduction, 30 % pressure drop reduction for 13 mm catalysts and 10 % to 15 % for 11 mm catalysts.

High mechanical strength

The catalyst has high mechanical strength of the extrudates owing to special manufacturing technology contributing to frame rigidity.

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